$200 per adult and as always kids are free

Required Gear

- 1 good full tang knife with a 6.5 inch or less cutting surface (we can make recommendations if needed)

- 100' of paracord or a roll of #36 tarred bankline

- 1 headlamp with extra batteries and must have a red light setting

- 1 manual hand saw (preferably bow or folding)

- 1 water container - stainless steel single-walled (non-insulated)

- 1 ferrocerium rod

- 1 journal and something to write with

- 1 10x10 or smaller tarp

- 2 Cotton bandanas

- 1 pair of good hiking boots (please break these in prior to class or you will not have a pleasant time)

- 2 or 3 pair of socks and weather appropriate clothes

Optional Gear

- 1 10x10 tarp or hammock for sleeping accomodations

- Sleeping bag or whatever you plan to sleep in

- Cooler and any food and drinks for the weekend.  All meals will be cooked over the fire.

- We will also provide drinking water

- A folding chair

- Toilet paper and / or baby wipes

Prohibited Gear

- Firearms of any kind.  If you have a CHL or carry in your vehicle that is fine but leave it there

- Alcohol / Recreational drugs

- Off Road Vehicles

- Pets

- Campers / Tents

Note - Tobacco products are allowed but clean up after yourself and be respectful of others.


Due to popular demand this is a new class at Texas Survival School.  Where our normal Level 1 Basic Class centers around surviving a 72 hour scenario with a combination of modern and primitive gear and techniques, this 3 day class is the foundation for our new completely primitive series of classes that will include more classes to come.  This class sets the foundation for more advanced classes by focusing on primitive fire, water, cordage, tools, navigation, and shelter while also introducing students to primitive weapons and flint knapping, which will then get expanded in more depth in the Primitive Intermediate Series of Level 2 focused class. 

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