Texas Survival School 


This class is a 3 day intermediate level class and a continuation of our Level 1 Basic class.  During this class we will continue to build on the skills learned in the first class.  We then introduce basic trapping, game processing, and camp kitchen basics.  This class will have challenges and you have to pass them to continue on to the advanced class.  We STRONGLY recommend taking the Level 1 class prior to this one as we will not reteach Level 1 material if someone opts not to come to Level 1.  It does a disservice to the rest of the class.  One child under the age of 18 is permitted per paying adult free of charge.  YOU MUST BE ABLE TO WALK UNASSISTED THROUGH WOODED TERRAIN UP TO 2 MILES TO TAKE THIS CLASS.  $200.00 Kids are free with an adult

Required Gear:

  • 1 backpack
  • 1 pair of good hiking boots (Please break these in prior to class or you will not have a pleasant time.)
  • 1 good full tang knife with a 5.5 inch or less cutting surface (no Rambo knives please.  If needed we can make recommendations.)
  • 2-3 pair of socks and weather appropriate clothes
  • 1 water container - stainless steel bottle with nesting cup.  It must be non-insulated....that Yeti may explode.
  • 1 ferrocerium rod
  • 1 lighter or pack of matches
  • 1 magnifying glass
  • 2 100% cotton bandanas
  • 1 10'x10' or less tarp
  • 6 tent stakes
  • 100' of paracord or a roll of #36 tarred bankline
  • 1 compass (You must be able to point and aim the compass and it must have degrees marked on it.)
  • 1 journal and something to write with.  Carpenters pencils work quite well, as do space pens.
  • 1 headlamp with extra batteries and must have a red light setting

Optional Gear:

  • A sleeping bag - whatever you plan to sleep in but keep current weather in mind
  • ANY food and snacks you plan to eat.  This means steak, bacon, or whatever.  Keep in mind all meals are cooked over an open fire.
  • We will provide drinking water but small coolers are welcome
  • Bring any needed medications or first aid supplies for an outdoor environment.  Sunscreen and lotion for poison ivy sometimes comes in handy.
  • A folding chair
  • Toilet paper and / or baby wipes.  This is survival so "facilities" are primitive but there is an old school outhouse.
  • You will be out here for the weekend and you are basically camping so bring enough to be comfortable.

Prohibited Gear:

  • Firearms of any kind.  If you have a CHL or carry in your vehicle that is fine but leave it there.
  • Alcohol / Recreational Drugs
  • Off Road Vehicles
  • Animals - dogs, cats, monkeys, your pet llama, whatever....they should stay at home
  • Campers / 5th Wheels - this is survival, not the KOA campground
  • Shelter - Tent, hammock.  You are building what you sleep in.

NOTE - Tobacco products are allowed but clean up after yourself and be respectful of others.  We do n0t need a forest fire.

$200.00 kids are free with an adult

  Arrive 5:00
  Camp Set Up 5:00 6:00
  Intros 6:00 6:30
  Dinner (Group discussion on dynamic survival priorities) 6:30 Until
  Wake Up 7:00 7:30
  Breakfast 7:30 8:15
  First Aid (Refresher, Hot and Cold Related Conditions) 8:15 10:00
  Break 1 10:00 10:30
  Knots (Bowline, Lashings, Clove Hitch, Sheet Bend) 10:30 11:15
  Shelter (Refresher, C-Shelter, Improvements, Body Temp Regulation) 11:15 12:15
  Lunch 12:15 1:00
  Fire (Bow Drill, Flint, Char, Wood Processing, Into To Hand Drill) 1:00 1:45
  Land Nav (Obstructed Terrain, Hand Rails, Back Stops) 1:45 2:30
  Break 2 2:30 3:00
  Trapping (modern, deadfalls, snares) 3:00 4:00
  Game Processing  / Cooking 4:00 5:00
  Dinner 5:00 6:00
  Wake Up 7:30 8:00
  Breakfast 8:00 8:45
  Pack Up 8:45 9:15
  Test 9:15 Until

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