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Ryan Furnish

Currently Ryan is a Fire Fighter/Paramedic in DFW.  He is also a combat medic in the US Army reserves trained in providing first aid and front line trauma care on the battlefield. Ryan is experience in providing continuing medical care in the absence of a readily available physician, including care for disease and wilderness injuries, battle injuries and monitoring ongoing health. Ryan also spends a great amount of time outdoors whether at the gun range or hiking and he also loves hanging around in his hammock out on the trail in many spots around Texas or at Texas Survival School.  You also might find him at the “Rattle Snake Round Up” here are some of Ryan’s Certifications:

TCFP(Texas FireFighter)



RopeRescue Tech

Ham Radio Operator

Chris Moore

Chris was born in a military hospital in Augsburg, Germany but grew up in the central Texas hill country.  He enlisted as a combat medic in the US Army on September 6, 2001 just days prior to the 9-11 terror attacks.  In 2003 he deployed to Asadabad, Afghanistan in the Kunar providence just miles from the Pakistani border in support of the 3rd Special Forces Group.  During which time he participated in multiple high value target extractions and the seizure of numerous weapons cache.  In 2007 he deployed to Baghdad, Iraq for 15 months. There he established and operated a combat aid station serving the "Green Zone" and adjacent operating bases as a trauma and triage hub for wounded soldiers and Iraqi nationals.  In 2009 he deployed to Jalalabad, Afghanistan where he served as ta Personal Security Detachment (PSD) medic for traveling dignitaries and several high ranking officials.  He also volunteered with the Forward Surgical Team acting in the stabilization and treatment of hundreds of wounded American soldiers and Afghan nationals.  In 2010 he moved to Alaska where he was stations as the Senior Medic and Instructor at the Northern Warfare Training Center, which teaches cold weather survival and operations in the winter and mountaineering in the spring and summer.  Chris is also an avid hunter  and trapper.

Ray McKee

Ray was born and raised in a small rural town in the South Carolina foothills where his appreciation of the outdoors was born.  He grew up hunting and exploring the SC pine forests where winters were spent often in a sleeping bag curled up by a fire deep in the woods after a Friday night ballgame.  Summers were spent floating creeks via canoe fishing a day away.  As an adult he lived in both Charlotte and Little Rock prior to making his way to Dallas where city life had left him missing the peaceful retreat of the outdoors.  These days he continues to develop new skills both modern and primitive and was the first person to complete all courses offered at the Texas Survival School.  He excels at both fire making and primitive trap builds.  Additionally he enjoys spending time with his family in the woods whether it be under a tarp or on horseback.  His wife and son both often attend our classes at TSS.  Ray is a licensed HAM operator with qualifications of General and Technician and works for the North Texas CART (Child Abduction Response Team) .  As the County Coordinator for Collin County for the East Texas CERT group, Ray additionally has training in the following FEMA courses: Stop The Bleed, Search and Rescue 1, Animal Rescue 1 and 2, Wide Area Searches, National Incidence Management, Incident Command Structure, Initial Action Incident, and the National Response Framework.

Randy Ross

Randy is a man’s man whose love for the outdoors and working with his hands comes second only to his devotion to integrity and loyalty. Given this, it isn’t hard to understand his success in construction and home building. Randy was blessed to be raised by a life long school teacher for a mother and a career peace officer as a father. His principles and civic duty run deep! He was a Boy Scout from ages six to fifteen, and spent his childhood and teenage years hunting with his dad. From those early years he has found solace in nature, and spent many years hunting, camping, fishing and exploring throughout all of Texas and the Midwest. Over the last several years he has followed a long yearning to learn and excel in survival. He has spent hundreds of hours studying and practicing both modern and primitive survival skills, completed all TSS classes, taken forging classes, primitive hunting, and additional first aid and CPR training. Randy excels in fire, trapping, and shelter building. He is also well versed in first aid, foraging, land navigation, primitive tools, and water purification. In Randy’s free time you can find him working in his garden or greenhouse, flint knapping, studying survival, at the gun range, or practicing his newest hobby — tanning hides.

Brooke McKee

AJ Giles

Matthew Regenold

Matthew was born in an army hospital before moving to Fort Hood as a child.  He spent his childhood in Fort Worth where he started his love for the outdoors.  He joined the army in 2008 as a combat medic and was assigned to one of the premier light infantry units, the 187th Infantry Regiment in the 101st Airborne Division.  He deployed in 2010 to a small combat outpost without running water near the Pakistan border.  On one of his several air assault missions, his patrol was ambushed and several soldiers were wounded.  His actions that day under fire saved many of his brothers' lives.  He also participated in several high value extractions with 5th group Special Forces.  Upon returning from deployment he was awarded the Bronze Star with Valor device, as well the honor of becoming a life long Distinguished Member of the 187th Infantry Regiment.  After active duty he served in the 441st medical reserve unit out of Seagoville, Texas.  There he trained and instructed medics from around the country in a recertification course required  yearly of medics and their combat readiness.  He was cast as a member of the NRA web series Defending America.  He is currently finishing his degree in Emergency Management.  Matthew has backgrounds in several areas including emergency medicine, hazmat interaction, fire suppression, fire chemistry, swift water, confined spaces, and high angle rescue as well as tactical training in urban and wildlife interfaces.

Eric Giles

Eric grew up in the northern California mountains where he learned to love the outdoors through trout fishing in small creeks, hiking in the mountains, and making homemade crawfish traps.  When he was a teenager he moved to Garland, Texas and continued his love for the outdoors by fishing the many lakes the state has to offer.  He started learning primitive and modern survival skills by taking courses at schools such as Patriot Survival where he later became an instructor.  Eric continues to spend the majority of his free time in the woods practicing both primitive and modern skills as well as testing all types of survival related gear.  Eric is well versed in constructing both modern and primitive shelters and is our resident land navigation authority.  Additionally Eric is an avid hunter and practices tracking and bow hunting.  As a member of the East Texas CERT group Eric has training in the following FEMA classes: Search and Rescue 1, Animal Rescue 1 and 2, K9 Search, Child Abduction, Evidence Collection, and is certified to teach Stop The Bleed.

Caleb Forbes

Caleb spent much of his early childhood traveling or outdoors running a muck in the woods and that is when he became interested in native and traditional cultures.  To feed this interest he began learning as much as possible about them  regarding how they lived, functioned, and the way they viewed their world.  In learning about these more traditional cultures he also grew to understand that as they died out so did their skills and philosophies.  This instilled in Caleb a desire to educate people on these in order to help preserve the legacies of those cultures.

His skills include:


Primitive tool & shelter building

Primitive hide tanning and leather work
Primitive fire

Flint knapping

Primitive hunting tools


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