“It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.”― Charles Darwin

“A well trained person needs only a knife to survive.”  – MORS KOCHANSKI

"Danger is Real, But fear is a choice"

S top
T hink
O bserve
P lan


S ize up the situation
U se all your senses
R emember where you are
V anquish fear and panic
I mprovise
V alue Living
A ct like the natives
L ive by your wits

Never Go anywhere without these

(1) Cutting Tool: Ultimately, this means a sturdy, full-tang survival knife—something that should always be on your person . A design with a four to five-inch carbon-steel blade and a flattened back edge is typically the most dependable and versatile. Well-made survival knives allow you to do everything from clean fish to split kindling.

 (2) Combustion: Being able to spark a fire is critical in a survival situation. In inclement weather, it’s the first order of business—fundamental to maintaining your core temperature. Additionally, a blaze can help you advertise your location to potential rescuers, a ferro rod and a good lighter.

(3) Cover: A common mistake committed by plenty of outdoor recreationists is neglecting to include an emergency shelter in their go-to hiking packs. Even if you’re simply setting out for an afternoon trail hike, you need the ability to quickly erect a precipitation and cold-resistant covering to keep you dry and warm in the event of an unforeseen night out in the backwoods. A poncho, wool blanket, tarp, or even a plastic garbage bag will serve you well.

(4) Container: An ideal container is a 32-oz. stainless-steel water bottle. Staying hydrated is fundamental in an emergency, and you want a durable vessel for storing and carrying water. The high-quality metal additionally allows you to boil water—or melt snow—to render it safe to drink: You don’t want to be dealing with a gastrointestinal malady on top of your other worries.

 (5) Cordage: Sure, you can fashion rope from plant materials but why expend that time and effort if you don’t need to? Carry a good 100 feet of 550 cord, which can assist in a dizzying array of tasks.


This is an  ADVANCED class we strongly recommend that you go thru LVL 1 and LVL 2 before taking this class , no water will be provided in this class and you will be only allowed certain items , this class will have a maximum of 15 students

with a donation of $350.00

Next Level 3 Class 

March 10th-11th-12th
Email to register 


This is a High Level Class this is an instructor class after taking this class if you choose you can be an instructor for us this class you will be given a knife at the beginning and you will have to accomplish certain tasks this class is limited to 5 people per class
with a donation of $450.00 per person 

Next Level 4 Class 
December 26th-27th-28th-29th-30th

This is a beginner class we will show basic skills in Shelter, Fire, Water purification and filtration, Land Navigation Basic First Aid this class has a maximum of 20 students.
with a donation of $150.00 per person  


Level 1 Basic 

June 23rd-24th-25th

email to register

children under 18 years of age are welcome 1 child per adult


   This a continuation of our Level 1 course we will focus more on perfecting basic skills as well as teaching you new methods of survival this class will have a maximum of 20 students.
with a donation of $250.00 Per person call about our family Discounts 

Next Level 2 Class 

May 26th-27th-28th
​Email to register

children under 18 years of age are welcome 1 child per adult

Date TBD

1 Trapping class $50.00 

You will Learn

Basic trapping- Man made traps snares,conibears etc

Where to set a trap- Scouting, identifying a game trail, identifying choke points.  

Primitive trapping- Spring snares,dead falls fishing traps.


​We are gladly to present Merriweathers wild edibles coming to our school to give a "wild edibles" class October 29th this class will fill up fast and has a limit of 20 people 

May 6th 9am-5pm

1 Day Fire class $50.00 

You will Learn

Fire science-what it takes to make a Fire

basics of Fire-proper tinder bundle, how to make a Fire Lay, How to prep to make a fire  

Advanced Fire-One stick Fire, Feather Stick, Parabolic lense, Magnifying glass

Primitive Fire-Bow Drill, Hand Drill, Flint and Steel

​if you wish to take both classes the total will be $75.00 




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