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Student comments :


I really enjoyed how personal it was. I already mentioned that I enjoyed your class more than I did at Sigma 3. I believe that is because I felt like I got to know the instructors. Another thing that I liked was that all the instructors slept out there along with the students. It might not seem like a big deal but I enjoyed the fact that you slept in a more primitive shelter.


​I'm not sure if there is a way to improve the class. Everything was great. Instructors knew their stuff, relly good prices, fun freetime, and it felt like more than a class. It felt like you were leaving with newly gained family members.


I loved learning how to quikly build a shelter and the comraderie of the instructors was great they where great teachers


The Structure was great, The Instructors where passionate about what they tought and the unity of the staff


The timed trials and the survival scenarios where great , 

Texas Modern , BUG-OUT, Primitive, Bushcraft Survival school

Texas Survival School is located just outside Dallas in Royse City ,Tx we are the Premier primitive,modern and "BUG-OUT survival,self reliance and bushcraft school in North Texas we at Texas Survival School believe in using the things you have and also being able to fall back on primitive skills, the instructors range from ex special operations soldiers , primitive survivalists to seasoned Outdoorsmen and Hunters.

We at Texas Survival School pride our self on being HANDS ON and not just giving you information and just showing you how to do it, all of the instructors are passionate about what we do all the Instructors have been in real life or death survival situations, most of us would live in the woods all the time if we could. You will learn and you will accomplish tasks that you never thought you could before. You will be put in realistic scenarios and timed on various tasks to help you understand how important somethings are. We all Practice what we preach as in when we are not giving classes we are out in the woods trying different methods of survival, reviewing gear and Training . There are beginner classes as well as intermediate and advanced classes, if you have any questions feel free to contact us we also do Corporate team building, Father Son weekends, advise prepper groups, Church getaways and Boy Scout / Girl Scout, weekend classes, if you would like PRIVATE classes we do those also