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Texas Survival School 

About Us

Texas Survival School is located just east of Dallas in Royse City, TX.  We are the premier survival, self-reliance, and bushcraft school in north Texas and combine both modern and primitive techniques.   We at Texas Survival School believe in using the resources that you have but also being able to fall back on primitive skills to supplement gear.  The instructors range from former special operations soldiers, primitive survivalists to seasoned outdoorsmen and hunters.

At Texas Survival School we pride ourselves on being HANDS ON and not simply giving you instruction or showing you how to do something.  All of our instructors are passionate about what we do and all have been in real life or death survival situations.  Most of us would live in the woods full time if we could.  You will learn and will accomplish tasks that you never believed you could before.  You will be put in realistic scenarios and timed on various tasks to help you understand the importance of priorities and calm resolve.  We all practice what we preach as in when we are not actively offering classes we are frequently in the wild practicing our craft through experimenting with new methods, reviewing gear, and training. 

Classes range from basic, through intermediate, up to advanced. We also do corporate team building, parent / child weekends, prepper group advisory assistance, church get-aways, as well as Boy Scout / Girl Scout instruction. 

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