S ize up the situation

U se all of your senses

R emember where you are

V anquish fear and panic

I mprovise

V alue living

A ct like the natives

L ive by your wits but for now learn

S top
T hink
O bserve
P lan

"Anyone looking to get survival training look no further.  These guys are great.  Very easy going and down to earth.  Can't wait to go back out with them.  Very knowledgeable and just fun to be around."  - D.J. Grodski

"Awesome set of guys.  Knowledgeable, easy going, personable.  Very hands on.  Definitely recommend these guys." - Ryan Furnish


1) Cutting ToolUltimately, this means a sturdy, full-tang knife - something that should always be on your person.  A design with a 4 to 5 inch carbon steel bland and a flattened back edge is typically the most dependable and versatile.  Well-made survival knifes allow you to do everything from clean game to split kindling.

2) Combustion Being able to spark a fire is critical in a survival situation.  In inclement weather, it is the first order of business and fundamental to maintaining your core temperature.  Additionally, a blaze can help you advertise your location to potential rescuers.  This is often a ferro rod or a good lighter. 

3) Cover A common mistake committed by plenty of outdoor recreationists is neglecting to include an emergency shelter in their hiking packs.  Even if you are simply setting out on an afternoon trail hike, you need the ability to quickly erect a precipitation and cold-resistant covering to keep you dry and warm in the event of an unforeseen night out in the elements.  A poncho, wool blanket, tarp, or even a plastic garbage bag will serve you well.

4) Container An ideal container is a 32-oz stainless steel water bottle.  Staying hydrated is fundamental in an emergency and you want a durable vessel for storing / carrying water.  The high-quality metal additionally allows you to boil water or snow which will render it safe to drink.  You don't want to be dealing with gastrointestinal issues on top of your other worries.

5) Cordage Sure you can fashion rope from plant materials but why expend that time and effort if you don't need to.  Carry a good 100 feet of 550 cord or bank line, either of which can assist in a vast array of tasks.

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Check out the updated calendar as we have just added a few new exciting dates.  Between the school hike to Eagle Rock Loop, our new Level 1 Primitive Skills course, and the Man Tracking with Fernando Moreira this is going to be an exciting spring.

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